Ehsaas Disabled Person

The Ehsaas Disabled Person Program is a special project launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan in Pakistan to support 70 million individuals with disabilities who require assistance. The main goal of this program is to provide help to disabled people who are facing challenges in their daily lives. By offering monthly financial aid of 2,000 Pakistani Rupees, the program aims to ensure that disabled individuals can meet their basic needs. In addition, they are given the opportunity to open savings accounts in banks to manage their finances. 

The Ehsaas program also offers scholarships to disabled persons, enabling them to pursue their education and improve their future prospects. Through these initiatives, the government is committed to enhancing the lives of disabled individuals by ensuring they have access to essential support and resources.

With the help of this program, people who can not walk or have any kind of disability can get monthly income support from the government. The program is using the funds from Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) and Bait-ul-mal to provide support to disabled individuals.

Ehsaas Disabled Person
Ehsaas Disabled Person

Ehsaas Disabled Person Online Registration Form 2023

For Ehsaas disabled person online registration, you need to fill out the registration form 2023. This form is easy to fill and if you are not sure how to fill this registration form then we will let you know. The Ehsaas disabled person program is a program that is free money for disabled persons.  No matter where you live like KPK, Lahore, or Islamabad, this financial help for disabled persons in Pakistan will reach you.

The registration form 2023 is here and you can fill it out with this helping guide:

  1. Go to the governmental website of Ehsaas Disabled person which is
  2. On the first page, you can check out the registration form that you need to fill out.
  3. Here are the things that you need to provide:
    1. Special person name
    2. Father’s name
    3. Date of birth
    4. Contact number
    5. CNIC number of a special person
    6. Address
    7. Province
    8. District
  4. After filling out all these details, you can submit the form.

Now your registration is submitted to the government and one of their representatives will check your application and will let you know if you are qualified.

Disabled Person Program  Benefits in Pakistan 2023

The Disabled Person Program in Pakistan, introduced in 2023, brings several benefits to disabled individuals across the country. Let’s explore some of these unique advantages:

Monthly Financial Assistance:

Through this program, disabled persons receive a monthly financial allowance. This helps them cover essential expenses like food, clothing, and medical needs. It ensures that disabled individuals can lead a more comfortable and dignified life, with the necessary resources at their disposal.

Skill Development Opportunities:

The program also offers skill development initiatives specifically tailored for disabled individuals. These opportunities enable them to learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge, empowering them to become more self-reliant and contribute to society in meaningful ways.

Accessible Infrastructure:

The Disabled Person Program emphasizes the creation of accessible infrastructure in public spaces, such as ramps, elevators, and disabled-friendly washrooms. These modifications ensure that disabled individuals can move around freely and independently, removing barriers that hinder their participation in society.

Inclusive Education Support:

Recognizing the importance of education, the program provides support to disabled students to ensure their inclusive education. This support may include special equipment, resources, or the assistance of trained educators, ensuring that disabled students receive the necessary accommodations to thrive academically.

Employment Opportunities:

The program also focuses on promoting employment opportunities for disabled individuals. It encourages businesses to provide inclusive workplaces, where disabled individuals are given equal opportunities for employment. By fostering a more inclusive workforce, the program helps disabled persons find meaningful employment and contribute to the economic growth of the country.

The Disabled Person Program in Pakistan brings numerous advantages to individuals with disabilities. These benefits encompass financial aid, the opportunity for skill development, enhanced accessibility, inclusive support for education, and increased chances for employment. By catering to the specific requirements of disabled persons, the program aims to foster an inclusive society where everyone can experience a fulfilling life and contribute their talents towards Pakistan’s advancement.

Ehsaas Program Financial Help for Disabled Persons in Pakistan

The Ehsaas Disabled Person Program is really important for people with disabilities in Pakistan. It was needed because disabled individuals often face difficulties in their lives and need extra support. This program helps them by giving them money every month, which can help them buy food, medicine, and other necessary things. It also allows them to open a bank account to save their money. Additionally, the program provides scholarships to disabled students, so they can continue their education and have a brighter future. This program is making a big difference in the lives of disabled persons by giving them the help they need and showing that their government cares about them.

Not only is this program offering financial help, but it is also making them able to stand and fight all the difficulties with bravery. With the help of Rs. 2000 per month, they do not need to rely on others to buy their basic things like food.


How do I apply for a disabled person in Ehsaas?

If you are a disabled or special person then you can apply for the Ehsaas program. All you need is a smartphone or laptop to visit the official website of the Ehsaas program and fill out the registration form online and submit it.

What is the special CNIC for disabled persons?

A special CNIC for disabled persons helps them to get some support due to their disability. This CNIC is required to apply for Ehsaas disabled person program.

What is the package for disabled people in Pakistan?

The government is offering 2000 PKR monthly to all deserving disabled persons in Pakistan. Also, they can get other benefits as well like emergency loans and free education.

Who is eligible for the disabled quota?

The person is eligible for the disabled quota if and only if he/she is disabled and has a special CNIC for disabled persons. If that person falls into this category, he/she can apply for this program and get monthly financial help.

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