Ehsaas PMT Score for Negahban and Rashan Riayat Program

With the welcome to Ramazan 2024, the government of Pakistan has announced the two new programs. One of Negahban Program and the other is the Rashan Riayat Program for deserving people in Pakistan.

The Rashan Riayat program is a program where the Punjab government will distribute free bags of flour to poor people. These bags are of 10 kg each so in total one person will get 30 kilogram of free flour.

However, the government of Pakistan has adopted a new system to determine the eligibility of every person. This new method is called the PMT score. This is a mechanism that the government uses to identify the eligibility of a person for a specific grant or relief system.

What is the PMT Score in the Ehsaas Program?

The new government has taken the oath and things have changed now. For the Ehsaas Program, the Punjab government has started a means test type thins that is called PMT score or poverty score.

Ehsaas PMT Score for Negahban and Rashan Riayat Program

The Ehsaas Program is a social safety initiative aimed at supporting underprivileged segments of the population in Pakistan. With the new government in place, the Punjab province has introduced a means-testing approach to determine eligibility for the program. This method is known as the Proxy Means Test (PMT) Score or Poverty Score. The range of this sore is from 0 to 100. However, 0 is the more poor and the 100 is the more wealthy.

The PMT Score is a comprehensive assessment tool that evaluates the socioeconomic status of households based on a set of proxy indicators. These indicators include factors such as household characteristics, dwelling conditions, asset ownership, and access to basic amenities. By analyzing these indicators, the PMT Score calculates a numerical value that represents the household’s level of poverty or vulnerability.

The PMT Score serves as a crucial criterion for identifying and prioritizing beneficiaries eligible for the Ehsaas Program’s various interventions, such as income support, health initiatives, education assistance, and other welfare services. 

Households with lower PMT Scores are considered more economically disadvantaged and are given preference in receiving benefits under the program.

The introduction of the PMT Score aims to ensure that the Ehsaas Program’s resources are allocated efficiently and reach the most deserving segments of the population. It provides a transparent and standardized approach to assessing poverty levels, reducing the potential for subjective evaluations and ensuring that assistance is directed to those who genuinely require it.

What is the Ehsaas Program PMT Score for Eligibility?

Now you clearly understand the term of PMT score so let’s talk about the eligibility range of this score. You need to have a specific range of PMT or poverty scores if you are willing to get the Negahban program approval.

PMT Poverty Score RangeEligibility
0 to 32Yes
32 to 100No (Need to apply through NSER Survey)

Why PMT Score is Required for BISP and Ehsaas Program Registration?

Millions of people in Pakistan are living a life below the poverty line. To help these people, the government has to arrange a huge amount of funds to disburse the grant payments. And during the unstable economic scenarios, it becomes almost impossible for the officials to keep running these types of social relief packages.

So what is the solution? Should the government stop this income support program? No, it will create worse situations for those who are in need. So what is the right way? Well, the right way is to build a testing system and only deliver the grant to vulnerable people.

To tackle this issue, the government has adopted the PMT score testing system. This is a poverty score calculator system to identify which person is more deserving and who should reasonably get the grant.

How to Check My PMT Score for BISP and Ehsaas Program?

To check your Ehsaas and BISP program PMT score, you need to have a valid ID card. Also, we have added the PMT score calculator on our website that you can use to identify your PMT score.

Remember that you should fall between 0 to 25 number to be considered to be eligible for the BISP and Ehsaas Program cash.

  1. Visit the Ehsaas Program website.
  2. Click on the PMT test score icon.
  3. Now enter your CNIC number.
  4. Complete the captcha code to verify you are not a robot.
  5. Click on the check my PMT score button.
  6. Get your PMT or Poverty Score online.

What to Do If Your PMT Score is Higher Than 25?

There is a clear statement from the government official that you need to have a 25 or below 25 PMT score to qualify for the BISP and Ehsaas Program grant payments. However, if your Poverty Score is higher than the required you can use the NSER survey option.

The NSER (National Socio-Economic Registry) survey is a comprehensive data collection initiative conducted by the Government of Pakistan under the Ehsaas Program. The primary purpose of the NSER survey is to create a national registry of socio-economic data for identifying and targeting individuals and households living in poverty.

During the NSER survey, trained enumerators visit households across the country to collect detailed information on various socio-economic indicators, including household income, assets, education levels, housing conditions, and other relevant factors. This data is then used to assess the poverty status of each household and assign them a PMT score, which helps in determining eligibility for social welfare programs and assistance.


Can I apply for the Negahban program if my PMT score is above 25?

No, you’ll need to apply through the NSER survey if your PMT score falls between 25 to 100.

How do I check my PMT score for the Ehsaas Program?

Visit the Ehsaas Program website, enter your CNIC number, and complete the captcha to check your PMT score online.

What is the purpose of the NSER survey?

The NSER survey aims to collect socio-economic data to assess poverty status and assign PMT scores for eligibility in social welfare programs.

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