How to Solve 938 Error for Ehsaas 10500 Payments?

We know many Ehsaas Program beneficiaries are experiencing the 938 error while they are trying to withdraw their payments. This is a glitch in the system and we will let you know how to resolve this error to get your Ehaas payments on time.

What is a 938 Error for Ehsaas 10500 Payments?

The 938 error is a system error that occurs when a beneficiary of the Ehsaas Program tries to withdraw their funds from an ATM or any BISP payment center. This error is a technical issue within the system and is not related to the beneficiary’s account or eligibility.

How to Resolve the 938 Error?

Now we will let you know about how to resolve the 938 error:

  • Find and Visit the Nearest Ehsaas Office: Your first step is to visit the Ehsaas or BISP office in your region. Go there and explain your 938 error in detail. Tell them that you are unable to withdraw your payment. Provide all the documents and information if required.
  • Visit a Different Payment Center: If the problem persists at one payment center, you might try visiting another BISP payment center or ATM.
  • Wait for Official Communication: The authorities are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible. Keep an eye on official communications from the Ehsaas Program for updates.
  • Retry Later: If you encounter the 938 error, wait for some time before attempting the withdrawal again. Sometimes, the issue resolves itself within a few hours.

The Ehsaas Program team is working diligently to fix this issue. Your patience and understanding are appreciated as they work to ensure all beneficiaries receive their payments promptly and smoothly.


The 938 error affecting Ehsaas Program beneficiaries is a known system glitch that occurs when trying to withdraw funds from an ATM or BISP payment center. This error is purely technical and does not reflect any issue with your account or eligibility. Try to visit the BISP office and explain your issue there.

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