Kamyab Kisan Program Gov Pk Online Registration

Kamyab Kisan Program was introduced in 2021 in Punjab by the PTI government. The initiative was taken to provide 5000 tractors to help the farmers. This program was a mini part of the Kamyab Jawan Program that was introduced to facilitate and help the youth to establish their own businesses and tackle unemployment. In this matter, the government has taken the bull by the horns as they provided all the things from training to finance to the youth. 

Before this program, our farmers had to mortgage their land to buy tractors. This was a stressful thing as they were always thinking of how to return the lender’s money. But with the help of Kamyab Kisan Program Gov Pk online registration, they became able to buy their own tractors even without interest and mortgage.

There was 20% interest even on the mortgage to take a loan and buy a tractor to do farming and make a livelihood. However, the government has granted relief and now they can get loans with only 3% interest and without mortgaging their lands and farms.

Kamyab Kisan Program Tractor Loan Scheme Online Registration

Do you want to apply for the Kamyab Kisan program? Well, you will get an Rs. 10 lakh loan that you can use to buy a tractor for your farming purpose. The registration of this PM tractor scheme is available online. All you need to do is visit the Kamyab Kisan program website and fill out the online registration form.

We already have explained all the other programs on our homepage.

Before you apply for this kamyab kisan loan scheme 2023, here are some requirements that you need to fulfill.

  • A copy of your CNIC with both front and back sides.
  • Attach a copy of your latest education degree or certificate like a BA or MA.
  • 2 Passport size photos with a blue background.
  • If you have any experience then attach an experience letter otherwise it is fine.
  • Driving license for driving the tractor.
  • You must have an HBL Konnect account with Rs. 500 balance.
  • If you are a tax filer then also add your NTN number.
  • A recommendation letter from the respective chamber.
  • Consumer ID of the electricity bill of your current address where you are living.
  • If you already have a vehicle registered in your name then provide the complete registration number of that vehicle.
  • Attach the name, CNIC, and phone numbers of two persons as a reference who should not be your blood relatives.
  • Mention your monthly income and all expenses.

Kamyab Kisan PM Tractor Scheme Online Apply

If you have all the required documents and information that we mentioned above, now you can process the registration process and you can apply for the PM tractor scheme online. So let’s see how to fill out the registration form and apply for the Kisan tractor scheme 2023.

  1. Go to the kamyab kisan program website and sign up.
  2. You should have a mobile phone number that is also registered in your name so the bank can communicate with you.
  3. Now fill in all the above-mentioned information and it will take around 15 minutes for sure.
  4. You have the facility to fill out the form immediately and save it as a draft to submit later at any time.
  5. To make sure you get approval for the tractor scheme loan, submit as many documents as you can. For instance, upload your last 6 months’ bank statement, business feasibility, and all kinds of financial statements.
  6. After submitting all the documents and details, you can submit the form and you will get a registration number on the screen. This same registration number will also be sent to your mobile number so save it for the future process. 
  7. From now on, when your requested application will proceed to any further step, you will always get an SMS that will inform you about that progress.

Kamyab Kisan Program Application Status 2023

After the successful submission of your application, now you can check your status from time to time on the web portal of the Ehsaas Program. The application status will be updated on the kamyab kisan program website as well as via SMS on your phone. So you need to visit the website more often and check if there is any progress. If your application is pending and you are facing an error or rejection, then you need to provide more details.

Kamyab Kisan Program

There are times when your application may be rejected and you have to re-apply for this loan program scheme. So there is no need to worry and you can always apply for this program with new documents and more details.

If your application is approved, then you can collect your loan from any branch of the Nation Bank of Pakistan. You can buy tractors from Massey Ferguson (Millat Tractors) and New Holland (Al-Ghazi Tractors). These are the two companies that are offering the tractor scheme. Also, you will only get 1000000 PKR as a loan, and if the price of these tractors goes above this, then you have to pay the difference.

The loan will be allocated to you on an installment plan that is based on 7 to 8 years duration. However, you need to pay 3% interest on this loan annually which is far less than the 20% that farmers were paying to the private banks.


What is the Kamyab Kisan program?

The Kamyab Kisan program is an initiative from the government of Pakistan to provide a loan of Rs. 1000000 to the farmers so that they can buy tractors and start farming. It has only a 3% annual interest rate with no mortgage at all.

Who is eligible for the Kamyab Jawan loan?

Everyone is eligible who is educated, has good bank statements, and pays the tax.

What is the amount of loan in the Kamyab Jawan program?

The amount is Rs. 100000 and it will be an installment loan for 7 to 8 years.

What is the subsidy for tractors in Punjab?

The government has announced that it will provide 200,000 PKR as a subsidy for tractors in Pakistan.

Which bank is best for tractor loans in Pakistan?

Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) is the best bank that you can approach to get tractor loans in Pakistan. Also, you can apply for the Kamyab Kisan program if you want a loan on low interest and easy installments.

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