Ehsaas Panahgah Program Check Online

Ehsaas Panahgah program check online registration here. If you are a laborer or a person who is homeless and wants to stay somewhere at night then you are lucky. Now due to the courtesy of PM Imran Khan, there are 34 Ehsaas Panahgahs where homeless people can stay at night. These Panahgahs are in all the major cities like Multan, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Faisalabad.

No laborer or any homeless poor will sleep on the roads and footpaths anymore. The PTI government took the initiative to provide shelter homes to those who have no place to stay. Not only can they spend their night there, but breakfast will also be served to them in the morning. This is such a great program that is helping poor and middle-class people a lot.

Ehsaas Panagah Program Check Online

The nights in winter are so cold and long in our country so no one can sleep without a blanket and a cozy environment. But unfortunately, there is a large number of people who do not have a home or even a temporary place where they can at least spend their night. But here comes the Ehsaas Program which is an outstanding project from the one and only Imran Khan.

Serving Capacity of Ehsaas Panahgah Program (Musafir Khana)

The Ehsaas Panahgah Program is not a small project from the federal government. Indeed, it is a well-needed program that should have been started a long time ago. We have already seen people sleeping on footpaths, bus stands, stations like the railway and Faisal Movers, and anywhere where they can find a place to lie down and sleep.

But now things have changed for the poor people. Now they can sleep without any discomfort and on a comfortable bed in a comfy environment. Introducing the Ehsaas Panahgah Program that has over 100 beds in one shelter and serves 100 people to have a peaceful sleep. Also, the Panahgahs are serving meals to these people. The meal serving capacity is 400 people per day. 

Now what do you need more? A free bed to sleep in at night and a hot and ready-to-serve meal when you wake up in the morning. Isn’t it amazing? Well, yes, this is a very good thing for people who are homeless. Now they can get their rights for the first time in Pakistan. However, the limit for staying in a shelter home is a maximum of three days for one person. If you are from another city and you have no place to live while working, you can stay in these shelters for three days. And if you have to work more and stay for more than three days, then you can request the administration of the Ehsaas Panahgah Program and they will allow you more days to stay.

What are the Ehsaas Panah Gah Timings?

If you just arrive in a new city and are far from your home and have no place to stay, then the Ehsaas Panahgah program to check online registration is your only free solution. If you do not want to spend money to book a hotel or apartment then this is your only good solution.

But you must be wondering what the Ehsaas Panahgah program timings are and that’s why you are here. So below is the timetable of the Ehsaas Panahgah program that you can check and visit your nearest shelter right now to stay there at night.

  • Booking Timings: Stayer will have to access the Panah Gah before 09:00 PM so he can register himself and get a bed to sleep in. However, after 09:00 PM, he needs to contact the manager and he will surely make a place for him.
  • Breakfast Timings in Summer: The breakfast serving will start at 06:00 AM and end at 08:00 AM.
  • Breakfast Timings in Winter: The start of breakfast will be at 07:00 AM and the end will be at 09:00 AM.
  • Dinner Serving Timings: In the winter, the dinner is between 06:00 to 08:00 PM, and in summer the last meal of the day will be served between 06:30 to 08:30 PM.

So these are the timings of Ehsaas Panahgahs and you need to make yourself according to them. Always reach at the right time, wake up early and have a good breakfast and then you can go to your work. Also, if there will be any medical emergency situation, the management will handle and care for all the things. The program will bear all the bills and expenses of medical treatment. So overall, this is a full-fledged package for those who are poor and needy.

Ehsaas Panahgah Program Check Online

The Ehsaas Panagah Program is a social welfare initiative introduced by the Government of Tehreek-e-Insaf. It aims to provide food, shelter, and other essential facilities to homeless and destitute individuals across the country.

Under the Ehsaas Panagah Program, the government has established Panagahs (shelter homes) in various cities in Pakistan. These shelter homes provide a safe and clean environment for those in need, including street dwellers, laborers, and people affected by natural disasters or economic hardships.

The program also offers daily meals and medical facilities to the residents of Panagahs. The government collaborates with local philanthropic organizations, NGOs, and the private sector to manage and operate these shelter homes effectively.

Additionally, the Ehsaas Program aims to reintegrate the beneficiaries into society by providing vocational training, job placement assistance, and access to other support services. The program seeks to alleviate poverty and promote social welfare by addressing the immediate needs of homeless individuals while also working toward their long-term rehabilitation.

About Ehssas Panahgah Program

Countries like Pakistan, India, and Nepal have a high poverty level as compared to other countries of the world. And we have so many people who can not afford to buy a home so that they can stay there with their families. That is the reason, people sleep on streets, public places, bus waiting areas, darbars, railway stations, bus stations, and footpaths. They have no place to spend the night and have a good sleep.

So in 2017, our Man of Steel “Imran Khan” started the Ehssas Panahgah Program for the first time in the history of Pakistan. This was a very new and great experience for the homeless people. They were happy and they thanked the government of PTI.

During the first phase, there were only 5 Ehssas Panahgahs but later it spread to 34. However, these are the permanent Panahghas but there are over 100 temporary Ehssas Panahgahs as well in different cities of Pakistan.

Services of Ehssas Panahgah (Musafir Khana)

Here are the services of Musafir Khana that every person can avail of from this shelter home.

Night Spending for Passengers: The Ehsaas Panagah provides a place for people who are traveling and don’t have a place to stay at night. It offers a safe and comfortable shelter for them to rest and sleep.

Medical Facilities for All Residents: At the Musafir Khana, everyone who stays there can receive medical help if they need it. They have doctors and nurses who can take care of any health issues and provide treatment or advice.

Clean and Safe Drinking Water: The Musafir Khana ensures that there is clean and safe drinking water available for all the people staying there. They make sure the water is free from any harmful substances and suitable for drinking.

Meals Serving: The Ehsaas Panagah provides meals for the residents every day. In the morning, they offer breakfast, which could include items like Naan Chany. And in the evening, they provide dinner, which may consist of dishes like rice, vegetables, or meat.

These services aim to support people who are in need of shelter, food, and medical attention, ensuring their basic needs are met while they are staying at the Ehsaas Panagah.

How to Apply for Ehssas Panahgah Program?

The application process is easy. All you need to do is search for the nearest Ehssas Panahgah and then visit the location. Now enter the Ehssas Panahgah and go to the Help Desk to start your registration.

The representative of Musafir Khana will ask you a few questions like where are you from and how many days you want to stay. Also, he/she will ask you to provide your CNIC to verify your details.

You should know that if you want to be eligible for a stay in a shelter, you should belong to another city. Or you should be homeless. After the verification of your ID card, the representative will tell you that you can stay here and spend your night. You will also get free meals two times.

Ehsaas Panah Gah Contact Number

If you need to make a call on Ehsaas Panah Gah then you can dial the following number. However, it is not recommended that you make a call but rather visit the Panah gah and then ask your questions. But if you want to make a call on the contact number then here is the number that you can use to make a call.

Ehsaas Panah Gah Contact Number: (042) 99232178-9

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