Sehat Card Punjab Online Registration

Sehat Card Punjab online registration provides free medical insurance to all the people of Pakistan. If you are looking for how to register for PM Health Program then you are on the right website. The government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf started this project in 2016 for people who can not afford medical treatments. The registration for this card was stopped by the new prime minister Shehbaz Sharif. However, this was an amazing step towards eliminating health issues in Pakistan.

If you want to know your eligibility for Sehat Insaf Card, then you need to send your CNIC number to 8500. You will get a response from the Punjab government if you will be eligible for this medical insurance program. The amount of this program is Rs. 100,000 for each family.

Sehat Card Punjab

Sehat Insaf Card Information

The Sehat Insaf Card is a health insurance program launched by the Government of Punjab to provide free medical treatment to eligible individuals and families. The aim of the program is to ensure access to quality healthcare services for the underprivileged population in Punjab.

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Under the Sehat Card program, eligible beneficiaries receive a Sehat Insaf Card, which can be used to avail of medical treatment at designated public and private hospitals. The program covers a range of medical services, including in-patient care, surgeries, diagnostic tests, and emergency treatment. The beneficiaries are not required to pay for these services, as the expenses are covered by the government through the Sehat Card.

The Sehat Card program is targeted at individuals and families living below the poverty line, who often struggle to afford necessary medical treatment. By providing free healthcare services, the program aims to reduce the financial burden on vulnerable populations and improve their access to essential medical care.

Who is Eligible to Apply for 9780 Sehat Card Online Check?

The Sehat Card program in Punjab helps poor people get medical help. It is for those who don’t have much money and struggle to pay for healthcare. People like farmers, daily wage workers, and others with low income can apply for the Sehat Card. This program is important because it gives them access to medical treatment without worrying about money. It’s like a safety net for their health.

However, the beneficiaries can check the Sehat card, check the hospital list, and choose the hospital to get free medical treatment up to 10 lakh rupees. To check your eligibility, here is what you need to do:

  1. Grab your CNIC in your hand and copy its number which would be 13 digits.
  2. Now open your mobile phone and create a new SMS.
  3. Type “8500” as a message recipient number.
  4.  Now enter your 13-digit National ID Card number inside the SMS.
  5. Send this SMS to 8500 and wait for the response.
  6. You will get a quick response from the government that will make you sure whether you can apply for this Health Card or not.

Complete Eligibility Criteria for Sheat Card Applicants

Here are the complete criteria for those who want to apply for Sehat Card:

  • One Sehat card is enough for one family. And one family will consist of a husband, wife, and their unmarried children.
  • One should have a NADRA Identity Card and if there is some information that needs to be correct then correct them through NADRA.
  • It is necessary for a husband and wife to submit their marriage documents to NADRA.
  • If you have kids under 18 years of age then you will need their B-Form and if they are above 18 years then they should have their own ID cards.
  • The Sehat Card will be transferred to the head of the family and all other family members can get benefits from that card.

How to Apply for 8500 Sehat Card?

To apply for Sehat Card, one should fulfill all the requirements of the Sehat Card Punjab. The requirements are as follows:


  • Government Identity Card or CNIC
  • B-Form 
  • Mobile phone with a SIM card in your name

Application Process

Here is the complete process of applying for the Sehat Card. You need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the nearest Sehat card center with your all documents.
  2. You must fulfill the eligibility for the Sehat Card. To check your eligibility, you need to send an SMS to 8500.
  3. Now submit your documents and apply for a Sehat card.

Please note that Sheat Card is just a virtual card that will be registered on your CNIC. So it means, you do not need to have a physical card as your CNIC is your Sehat card. Now all you need to do is show your CNIC when a hospital asks you to show your health card

Sehat Card Balance Check Online

It is confirmed that everyone will get Rs. 10 lakhs as a health insurance payment on their Sehat Card. If you want to check your remaining or current health insurance balance then you need to contact the helpline of Sehat Card.

Helpline Number: 08009009

Make a call on this number and ask them if you want to check the status of your balance. The representative on the call will tell you what your current Sehat Card balance is.

Sehat Card Check Hospital List

Here is the list of all the hospitals that are accepting Sehat Cards:

  • Arif Memorial Hospital
  • Central Park Teaching Hospital
  • Farooq Hospital
  • Ch. M. Akram Teaching And Research Hospital
  • Bahria International Hospital Mohlanwal
  • Punjab Institute Of Cardiology
  • Orthopedic Medical Complex
  • Sharif Hospital
  • Sharif Medical City Hospital Lahore
  • Akhtar Saeed Trust Hospital
  • Fazal Ellahi Chatta Hospital
  • Abwa Hospital And Research Center
  • Aslam Memorial Zakria Hospital
  • Rathore Hospital
  • Mujahid Hospital Faisalabad
  • Sughran Siddique Hospital
  • Faisalabad Institute Of Cardiology
  • Khair Un Nisa Hospital
  • Mian Muhammad Trust Hospital
  • Madina Teaching Hospital

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