Zewar e Taleem Program

Taleem is very necessary for everyone. No matter if it is a boy or girl, they should have a right to get a high-quality education. Unfortunately, the literacy rate of females in our country is very low. Most of them are those who can not afford the expenses of their education. So that’s why, PM Imran Khan started the Zewar-e-Taleem program in 2018 aiming to address the significant gender disparity in education and empower girls in our country. Recognizing the fundamental importance of education, the program seeks to remove the barriers that hinder girls from accessing quality schooling.

However, now the program is run by the current prime minister, Shehbaz Sharif. He decided to continue the program and now girls from classes 6 to 10 can get Rs.1000 each month as an educational grant. Also, Rs. 6 billion is allocated for this quarterly paid grant for female students.

What is the Zewar e Taleem Program?

In many parts of our nation, socioeconomic factors have deprived girls of their right to education. The Zewar-e-Taleem program endeavors to tackle this issue head-on by providing financial support to underprivileged families. Enabling them to afford the educational expenses of their daughters in the 16 low-literacy districts of Punjab. By alleviating the financial burden, the program seeks to create equal opportunities for girls, fostering a more inclusive and progressive society.

Zewar e Taleem Program

Moreover, Zewar-e-Taleem is not just about financial assistance; it also focuses on improving the overall educational infrastructure. Schools are being renovated and upgraded, ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment for girls. The program also emphasizes the training and development of teachers, equipping them with the necessary skills to provide quality education and inspire their students.

Through the Zewar-e-Taleem program, the government aims to create a society where every girl has the opportunity to receive a high-quality education, regardless of her background or financial circumstances. By nurturing the intellectual capabilities of girls and enabling them to become educated and empowered citizens, the program not only uplifts individual lives but also contributes to the progress and prosperity of our nation as a whole.

The Zewar-e-Taleem program represents a significant step towards achieving gender equality and ensuring that education becomes accessible to all. It reflects the government’s commitment to breaking the cycle of illiteracy and empowering girls to reach their full potential. With sustained efforts and the support of various stakeholders, we can foster a society where every girl has the opportunity to shine and contribute to the development of our nation.

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What Districts Are Eligible for Scholarships?

Here is the list of the selected districts of Punjab from where female students from classes 6 to 10 can get Rs. 1000 per month for their educational needs.

  • Bhakar
  • Kasoor
  • Okara
  • Lodhra
  • Wihari
  • Pakpattan
  • Khanewal
  • Jhang
  • Dera Ghazi Khan
  • Rajan Pur
  • Muzafar Garh
  • Liyah
  • Bahawalpur
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • Chiniot

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Zewar e Taleem Program 2023?

The government of Punjab has started a program for the girls of Punjab who are facing a financial crisis when it comes to education. Due to a lack of economic stability, these girls can not fulfill their dream of higher education.

So the PM of Pakistan has finally introduced the Khidmat Card for these girls. Now these female students can continue their education and get Rs. 1000 as a monthly grant from class 6 to class 10.

However, there are three main factors that every girl needs to pass before they can get their Rs. 1000.

  • Must be a Student from class 6 to class 10.
  • Must have at least 80% attendance.
  • If repeating the academic year, they will not be eligible for this grant.

All you need to do is pass these three steps and you are all set to get your one thousand rupees monthly grant.

How to Withdraw Scholarship Cash from Zewar e Taleem Khidmat Card?

There are two methods that you can use to withdraw your cash using your Khidmat card. This card will be delivered to you for free of cost. You can collect this card from specific offices of Khidmat card from your nearest location.

So here is how to use a Khidmat card to withdraw your cash payment.

Method 1: Withdraw using an ATM

This is the easiest method that parents can use to withdraw cash for their daughters. Let’s see how to do it:

  1. Go to any ATM machine near your home.
  2. Insert your Khidmat card in the Insert Card point.
  3. Now enter your ATM PIN of 4 digits.
  4. After verifying your PIN, the ATM will ask you how much money you want to withdraw.
  5. Enter the right amount and proceed.
  6. Take your card.
  7. Take your cash and count it before leaving the ATM.

Method 2: Collect Cash from Khidmat Card Agent

This is the second method that you can use to collect your cash. If you do not want to visit the ATM then you can simply collect your cash from any Khidmat card agent.

  1. Dial *267# from your mobile phone.
  2. Go to receive cash and type the preferred amount that you want to withdraw.
  3. Now the system will ask you to enter your 4-digit MPIN that you need to enter for verification purposes.
  4. Now you will get an SMS from 8267 that will contain a secret code to withdraw the cash.
  5. Parents can collect cash from any Khidmat card agent by showing their computerized ID card.
  6. Once your transaction is complete, you will get a confirmation message on your mobile phone.
  7. After the confirmation message, the agent will give you cash and you need to count and make sure it is the correct amount. Do not leave the center if your amount is not correct.
  8. If you will face any kind of problem during the payment withdrawal, just call on 0311-1111267.


How to apply for the Zewar e Taleem Program Scholarship?

You just need to fulfill the eligibility criteria and the government will automatically choose you for the scholarship.

Who can apply for the Zewar e Taleem Program?

Only 16 pre-chosen districts of Punjab are offering this program. And the program is for those female students who are studying in classes 6 to class 10.

What is the scholarship amount for the Zewar e Taleem Program?

The scholarship amount is Rs 1000 for each student that will be granted to them after every 3 months. Meaning they will get Rs. 3000 after every 3 months.

How can I collect my cash from the Zewar e Taleem Program?

Parents can use the two ways to collect the cash from the Khidmat card. One way is to use any ATM and withdraw the amount just like any other card. The other one is to collect the cash from the agents.

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